What is the art of paper?

It's the art of turning paper into decorative objects!

Le paper (From latin papyrus) is a material made from fibers cellulose vegetable. It is in the form of thin sheets and is considered a material basic in the fields ofwriting, drawing, In theimpressions, In thepackaging and painting. It is also used in the manufacture of various components, such as filters.

Paper art

Many artistic forms find their source in the handling of paper. There is of course the drawing, but there are many other techniques.

First, there are those who roll strips. Then there are those who superimpose layers and colors. There are finally those who bend it, paint it and tear it apart.

Rolled paper (paperolle ... quilling)

Another wonderful thing you can do with paper is to cut strips of different colors and use them to create shapes and landscapes. So you can create beautiful, simpler works, just as beautiful by rolling paper strips.

The art of cutting with an X-Acto, chisel, punch and punch.

There are others, but my two favorite X-Acto artists are Maude White and Sarah Trumbauer. Maude White works with finesse to make flowers with the precision of a surgeon. She also cut animals, fish and characters on occasion. Everything she does is fascinating and almost gives the impression that paper has been transformed into something else.

A little more childish, but just as pretty, her drawings are sometimes placed on jewelry and cards that can be purchased on Etsy.


Others cut squarely into books. This is the case of Annemarieke Kloosterhof, an artist from the Netherlands established in London who creates portals and scenes by digging into abandoned books.

Artistic Journal

You certainly know the diary. You may have already confided to him your joys and sorrows at one time or another in your life. But what about artistic journal? Well, it's pretty much the same thing, but in color !!

I present to you the many facets of the artistic journal. It can become sketchbook, color tests and textures. He can, like his cousin, receive your confidences with a touch of watercolor, it can be pretty much anything you want to do, it's up to you to decide.

There is also another variant, a little cousin called the creative journal. It is a tool that is more focused on personal development. Anne-Marie Jobin created this concept in 1998 and offers workshops for the general public as well as training for professionals. It uses, as in the art journal, collage, painting, drawing and writing. Here is an example of a creative journal page.


Other artists use paper to deposit colors or cut into layers to give depth effect.

And more …

Of course, there are other ways to use paper such as origami etc ... but let's stop here before getting lost in your reading.

I will still finish by telling you that if you are one to draw while talking on the phone (doodling and zentangle), decorative writing (modern calligraphy) to find that the books to coloring (watercolor, markers (water, oil)) for adults are the idea of ​​the century, you should embark on this paper adventure, too.

All you need is a cutting board, an X-Acto, a little glue and time to get inspired by these artists. You will practice a quiet activity that puts ideas in place and you will remember what you were able to do in your art classes.

(references found on GOOGLE & http://vibrerparlart.com/journal-artistique/

Now here is the list of techniques used:

Embossing (hot and cold)



Stained glass effect

3D effect

Watercolor (multiple options)

Coloring (watercolor, markers based on water and oil)


Overlay (mounting, gluing, adhesives)

Learning choice of colors

Water-based inks (multiple options)

Learning choice of papers

And finally, here is the result you can achieve with the paper and its techniques:

Home decor

3D Gift

Greeting card

Gift card



Souvenir album

Souvenir frame

Gift wrap

Calendar (perpetual, monthly, yearly)

Jewelry, Keychain, luggage tag

Wine bottle necklace

Guest table decoration

Themed event table decoration

Baby Shower Collection

Wedding Shower Collection

Christmas collection

And many more …. because I love this passion of paper ...

For the simple pleasure of creating, sharing, giving!

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