Why create your visual board

Here's back in real life following 3 months in Florida ...

I will update my Vision Board.

Do you know this technique?

Here is an article that will explain the why and the process.

By the way, if you have the taste to make one .. give me a sign and I will post a course for this purpose!

You have taken the time to think about what you want to do next for your business. You have a little idea of ​​what you would like to achieve and what you want to add in your life every day. As an entrepreneur, doing your vision board will give you an overview of a particular goal for the coming year. The images you paste will allow you to refer to them as needed to stay the course and increase your motivation when clouds will darken your confidence.


Everything is possible inside a vision board. You can put a lot of glitter on it if you wish. You will take the time to listen to your most incredible desires. Do not limit yourself, especially. You have the right to dream big. By creating this table, you will be able to determine more where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. But above all, you can have a lot of fun doing it. Why not get together with a few friends to do your work. Being in business with girls will allow you to chat and share a ton of inspiring topics. Who knows, you may have a new project that will come out of this meeting. One thing is certain, you will build bonds of trust with the participants and you will learn to know them from a new angle: that of dreams and ambitions that can lead us to the top.


Chow do i go about building my vision board

It must be understood that the vision board is a necessary tool to further define his business vision and / or his personal vision of life. What is most important to us? We must choose a single, specific goal that drives us more than the others and reflects on the success of this one.


With a stack of magazines and a scrapbooking kit, you can do wonders. To be able to select the right images, you will have to do introspection. In a nice room that you have well lit, close your eyes and let go of your mind, before opening them and select the images that will make sense for you.

Think about what's driving you the most in your job.

Think about your mission and your values.

Think of the people with whom you want to create relationships (your dream customers).

Think of a place of healing that makes you feel good and inspires you to surpass yourself.

Think of your "Why," the reason you do what you do with so much passion.

Think of inspiring words or phrases that resemble you.

Think of an image that particularly touches you (landscape, photo of a portrait, artist's canvas ...)

Think about the colors and shapes that make you feel good.

Think about the money you want to make, what you want, what you want to achieve.

Think of the people who have accompanied you or who accompany you with positivism and who help you stay the course.


Now you can tinker with a unique painting that really looks like you. There are no two vision boards, that's the beauty of the thing. And remember that on days of great darkness (which do not last long, thankfully), you will be able to turn to the images and the words that you will have stuck there by saying to you: "I will arrive there, I am almost there I just have to believe it "and do whatever it takes to reach your goal. At the end of the year, maybe you'll say, "That's it, I've finally arrived! "

Reference: Marie-Belle Creative Writing, 2 sept.2018

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