Qualification for discount purchase

Travel that you can deserve, a profit among many others.

Whether it's a NEW CAREER or a new hobby at a lower cost ... If you want to work on your own OR simply reduce the costs of your new hobby ... COME to join our Stampin 'Up!

Join us!

  • For 135 $, you choose 165 $ of products of your choice in Stampin 'Up! in force: this is $ 30 free products! ***

  • Transport is FREE (you save 10%).
  • No tax on the kit (you save 15%).
  • You receive 8 catalogs to share around you.
  • Once you have purchased the starter kit, you can order at any time and save a minimum of 20%.
  • You can also enjoy creative bonuses for any order of 200 $ and more.
  • Be among the first to see new products and to be able to order them before their release on the market.
  • If you reach 400 $ in sales during your first full quarteryou will be considered active demonstrator.
  • If you continue, you will enjoy all the benefits for the next quarter. If you do not succeed, the next month allows you to reach it, which means that you have between 3 and 4 months to get $ 400 ($ 100 per month).
  • No penalty if you leave before, during or after without any penalty!
  • No obligation to give courses, workshops and no pressure to sell.
  • You can only buy the starter kit (products of your choice) to enjoy this incredible special and not to buy anymore.

No obligation on your part. Whether as a customer who wants to enjoy a discount purchase at any time or as a part-time job to make your passion profitable.

  • Oh, and did we talk about the fantastic incentive trip you can win every year? Think Thailand, Alaska, cruise in the Mediterranean and Maui, Hawaii, in 2020!
  • Some demonstrators win these trips every year and they love them.

How do you register online?
  1. Choose your godmother.
  2. Choose the material that attracts you in the various catalogs in progress and in liquidation.
  3. Commandez your choice of products. These will be considered as "Launching Supplies".
  4. Get Your kit will contain a set of business supplies (worth $ 60) containing what every demonstrator needs to get started. Then you can, at your option, include any of our high quality products.

So you decide not to continue after the purchase of your kit? No problem, your agreement will not be renewed without asking questions. If you want to continue ... then 20% off and more ... plus points (flex) and other benefits (monthly magazine, Stampin 'Up! Support, training and coaching program and more - all in FRENCH!

You reach your goals for the quarter and want to continue? So 25% off and more!

You decide totemporarily stop .. no problem, you can renew your agreement by buying again a personalized kit to your liking!

Do you want me to be your godmother? One advantage is that you will be part of my local team "Art Folie", under the Canadian team "The Incredible Stampers of Canada" and its profits.

By accepting me as your godmother, I will simply offer you my support and my support and ...

  • You will have free access to my studio located in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, Canada to test my tools on site and my expertise.
  • You will have access to my Stampin 'Up! and my tutorials plus VIP access for online courses.
  • You will have the chance to participate in my workshops (live OR virtual)
  • You will have access to my studio and my tools to animate your own workshops.

And as a thank you, when you reach your active demonstrator title, I'll give you a $ 45.00 gift to complete your starter kit.

"I adhere"

5 Kit Stampin 'Up!

And in addition, you will also get the benefits of being automatically a member of the Canadian team "The Incredible Stampers"

  • Access to exclusive resources.
  • Access to a private Facebook group and share among a hundred other passionate women.
  • Run the chance regularly to win Stampin 'Up! by participating in monthly challenges.
  • Receive the Inspiring Team Newsletter every Wednesday morning.
  • Receive gifts when you get a promotion.
  • Answers to your questions LIVE every week.
  • Constant video training to help you.
  • Ability to buy Marika Lemay's online courses at 50% off as long as you are active.
  • Access to the meeting of demonstrators online, every month.

In short ... Just contact me quickly quickly for more information and especially not miss anything!

And if you are ready ... click on the link below to view and / or sign our agreement.


* If the contract does not appear automatically with my name in the upper right corner, you will have to click on "Demonstrator Directory".

A new window will appear which you will have to complete the following:

First name of the demonstrator: Claudine

Name of the demonstrator: Delaunay

Province: Quebec

Select language: Fr

Then click the button: Search

My name will appear in the box on the right.

Then click the button: Registration

The contract will be displayed and you will only have to continue.