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  • If you are part of my new team Art-Folie is the small gang of friendly demonstrators who love to create and laugh. Then you will receive an invitation from me when you join my team.
  • If you order Stampin 'Up! to me, you will have access immediately and free, by invitation from me, to all the training offered in this private group until 31 december 2019.
  • If you buy a subscription (no matter how many months) to receive Stampin 'Up! you will have access to the group by invitation from me until 31 december 2019. You will also have the opportunity to see alternative projects by listening to the capsules on this topic.
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    Training offered in 2018 -

my first training offered in 2017

First video - Launch of my project!

Live capsule on FACEBOOK (in 3th video) ... We organize ourselves also in our bag!

Posted by Art-Madness Studio by Claudine Delaunay on Thursday, June 8, 2017

Second video - One container for our content

Fourth video - We choose between 3 types of diaries

Capsule - We summarize after our first homework!