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Welcome to my bubble!

WELCOME in my world!

I introduce myself Claudine Delaunay, your creative hobbyist and independent product consultant STAMPIN 'UP! allowing me to offer you a range of products and services on the art of creating on paper.

A creative meeting is?

1) A friendly meeting in the form of a DIY workshop on the art of creating on paper with some other participants and taking place at my studio.

2) A workshop in the form of a private class with your friends either at my studio or at home and where you are the hostess. As a thank you, you will receive several gifts.

What is the art of creating on paper?

It's the art of creating your stationery for all occasions or personalized objects by you worthy of PINTEREST (For example ... greeting cards, portfolios, bookmark, gift wrap, calendar, home decor, framed project and ... more) while having fun with friends and-or creating new friendships.

No need to know how to draw. No experience required in creativity. Simply have the taste to have fun to make beautiful little works to offer or afford a gift.

Experiment with different techniques by playing with inks and prints while having fun in pleasant company. A real therapy for the soul!

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How does it work to be hostess of a workshop?

step 1 : Contact me as an animator and Stampin 'Up!

  • I will guide you in your creative experience.
  • Contact me at 514-984-4108 or email

step 2 : Set a date and get organized.

  • Choose a morning, afternoon or evening at home (or at my studio), where you and your friends will discover the art of creating on paper by doing several projects together.
  • I will present you different options and plan together your activity!

step 3 : Invite your friends.

Use postcards, social media, emails, phone and messenger to invite your girlfriends. Tell them to prepare for a fun time. It will be my pleasure to help you find how to promote your business.

step 4 : Have a nice time!

Have fun.

Enjoy this moment with friends and relax by expressing your creativity.

Add some pizzazz, if you wish, incorporating a thematic (evening wine-cheese, lunch in pajamas, afternoon Bingo etc ...)

Then, admire the result. You and your friends will also have the opportunity then if the heart tells you to buy your Stampin 'Up! favorite to extend the party!

step 5 : Treat yourself and enjoy the rewards.

The hostesses can get free products or discounts and order exclusive products (reserved for our hostesses) through the Creative Rewards program.

For example, if sales during your activity reach $ 200, you will be entitled to $ 20 to spend as you please! It's our way of thanking you.

Take a look at the hostess rewards table below to see the Creative Rewards and discounts you may be entitled to.

Also it will be my pleasure to give you a surprise and 2 POINTS FOLIE - from my program 2018-2019 Reward

"DIY with friends" at home!

It's free for the hostess!

Here is an example of a private class I offer ...

FROM a white cardstock, you will be directed step by step to the creation of a design paper and the subsequent realization of cards, bookmark, envelope etc ... according to the themes offered (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day , Father's day, wedding etc ...). Duration 2.5 hrs

Cost $ 20 * / person (material included). Group package available.

* amount before taxes.

Free for each guest who orders $ 60 and more Stampin'Up products on the day of the activity.

In the meantime ... would you like to attend one of my DIY workshops here at my studio?

Just watch my calendar of activities that is updated regularly and sign me to register!

2 answers to "Creative appointments"

  1. Claudine

    As you say, thank you for being part of my creative mode.

    Your workshops are always very interesting. Projects (cards, mini boxes or other small objects) are easy and fast enough to execute but especially original, very beautiful and very "class"; I just love it!

    In addition, all the tips and tricks you give us, the techniques you teach us are precious. Thanks to all that you transmit us as information, we can easily either reproduce a project as is or add our personal touch of creativity. A real pleasure!!

    And what about your workshop .... so much a beautiful light and a beautiful atmosphere; it's invigorating! Not to mention that you give us access to all your accessories (stamps, thinlits, bending, etc.) Super!

    I invite people to sign up for your newsletter and visit your site. A ton of interesting ideas!

    All the effort and time you devote will ensure you a great success. Good continuity!

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