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Artistic Journal & more (1 / 6)

Artistic Journal and more ...

In this course you will have the opportunity to create an artistic journal, the fusion of an art journal, intimate, creative, a canvas, a reference book in techniques and sometimes even a visual of his thoughts and ideas.

Focusing on different mediums and techniques, several tools will be used to create this personalized and unique journal according to the participant's passions and interests.

Exploration of color options, textures, patterns, drawings, collage and stamping will be taught to you during the achievements of your pages.

A collection of greeting cards will be made in parallel to put your new knowledge into practice.

Prerequisites: None. This course is for everyone.

Maximum 6 students in this course.

The price of the course, taxes not included, is:

  • 180.00 $ for 6 weeks

Some materials are not included. A list will be given to you at the first class.

Creative Getaway - Fall 2019

A CREATIVE ESCAPADE is a fun way to experience the transformation of paper into decorative objects and practical spending a full day of fun to spoil you and let your creativity go!

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A creative meeting on the date of your choice

A creative meeting is ...

A workshop in the form of a private course that I will animate at your place (or the place of your choice) around a table (to the good franquette) with some friends and you will be the hostess.

Demonstrations of new products, games, surprise gifts and realization of 3 Projects.

For more details, here is the link;